Selena Gomez Is Naked, Nude, With No Clothes On

Here is an alleged picture of Selena Gomez taken with a camera phone by herself in a mirror which is pretty much status quo these days because all celebrities have camera phones and a mirror. The camera phone so when the paparazzi go home and they are sitting alone in their bedroom at night, they can shoot pictures of themselves under their blanket with a flashlight turned on while they cry.

I do like that in this pic her nipples are brown because there is not enough of that in America. For a country that wants to make Spanish their first language, the U.S.A. sure as fuck lacks in brown nipples.

I believe this is her but I have had exclusives at other sites before that were the real deal and some other cocksucker with higher traffic got all the credit. Prolly what’ll happen here.

One Comment on “Selena Gomez Is Naked, Nude, With No Clothes On”

  1. billy bob says:

    this isnt salena she has more class .

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